Sixth Form

We provide a wide range of courses at Level 3 and Level 2 offering young people excellent preparation for the next stage of their careers, whether in higher education, further education, training or employment. Within our curriculum a variety of academic and vocational courses are offered to suit the needs of all of our learners. These courses are delivered by a team of dedicated and highly qualified staff, working in excellent facilities. An expert team of Sixth Form tutors work closely together to oversee the pastoral guidance and progression of students.

The Sixth Form at James Calvert Spence College provides a friendly, familiar atmosphere, with individual pastoral tutoring and support to help students progress in a positive way toward success. There are also plenty of opportunities for involvement in extra-curricular activities, including voluntary work in the wider community and supporting staff in subject areas as Subject Ambassadors, as well as exciting opportunities to volunteer overseas and an extensive school enrichment programme.

The effectiveness of the sixth form provision at James Calvert Spence College was graded as good by Ofsted in October 2014. The report commented on the harmonious and hard working environment and the encouragement given to all students to aim high, resulting in significant success with first generation university entrants. We interview all students, with their parents, in Year 11 to give individualised guidance. We will be available to offer advice on the most suitable options for you personally.

Read the prospectus, visit the school, speak to the teachers and students and see for yourself! We look forward to welcoming you into our Sixth Form.

James Moore

Head of Sixth Form