Sixth Form Representatives

I’m Thomas and I’m one of the Year 13 Form Representatives. I feel it’s really important that Form representatives can argue for their fellow students and put forward student voice. I study Health and Social Care, Sport and ICT. I like that our teachers are very approachable, Sixth Form feels friendly and staff treat you as an individual.

Hello! I’m Aidan, I’m a Year 13 Form Representative. History is my favourite subject and I’m hoping to study law at university. The teachers are really hands on here — there’s a lot of help available for things like applications, you get a lot of feedback throughout the year, which keeps you on track. 

I’m Megan, a Year 12 Form representative. To become a Sixth Form representative, you put yourself forward, there is an election and the other students and teachers vote on who will be form representatives. I think it’s an important role and I chose to put myself forward as I wanted to get more involved in how the school runs.

I think we get a lot more opportunities here than students at other schools do because of our ability to just approach teachers. It’s a much more relaxed environment.

Hello, I’m Joel and I’m in Year 12. I put myself forward to be a Form Representative mainly because of the student voice factor – I think it’s important to keep feeding back on things that are happening to help everyone.

I study Biology, Chemistry and Maths. I’m hoping to go to University to study medicine or a subject related to medicine. At JCSC we really benefit from the smaller class sizes we have here in Sixth Form as the teaching is more personal.