Bethany, Becky, Olivia, Jessica, Jasmine and Emma

A group of budding entrepreneurs are taking on the Tycoon Enterprise Competition.

The Peter Jones Foundation delivers the tycoon competition and encourages young people to think about business. Those that apply write a business plan, which if approved are loaned money to start a business and compete with other student companies.

The top student businesses are invited to a celebration event at Hampton Court Palace.

Year 9 students Bethany, Becky, Olivia, Jessica, Jasmine and Emma have come up with a brilliant idea that got the approval from the foundation and now have the money to set up shop.

The group, called ‘Light Clouds & Co’, are selling self-sufficient plants. They have created a terrarium for plants, and this little container means the plant inside can go over a month without being watered.

They are described as indoor gardens. The plants release water vapour which collects on the container walls and trickles down into the soil. This is why they require so little maintenance.

Olivia, part of the mastermind group, thinks they are a must buy.

“We were trying to come up with an eco-friendly business idea and we know that terrarium plants are very in right now,”

She continues, “they are pretty and easy to take care of. I think people should come and buy them to support our small business.”

The students are setting up a stall in the Amble Harbour Car Boot Sale on Saturday 20th of May, 27th May and the 3rd of June. Regular terrarium will be sold for £16 and mini terrarium for £5. The stall will run from 9am until 4pm.

Light Clouds & Co are hoping those who come along could bring any spare glass jars they have at home as they plan to grow the plants in recycled containers in the future.

Any support is encouraged to help the team succeed in their business venture.

Please see the student’s website for more details, here:

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