Our Year 7 students got the chance to learn from a celebrated artist this week thanks to an online meeting with British artist, Sarah Graham.

In their art lessons this year, the students will be basing their work on Sarah’s work.

  • Sarah is a British photorealism artist
  • She works mainly with oil paints on canvas and uses photography as a references for her paintings
  • Her vibrant work celebrates nostalgia and childlike wonderment

The artist joined a group of students in a zoom call to discuss her work, her artistic process and also how she copes with her bipolar disorder.

The whole of Year 7 worked together to come up with 25 questions to ask her about her and her work. 

The session was recorded so that Sarah’s answers and advice could be shared with the year group.

Sarah Graham commented that our students were a delight, really enthusiastic and had interesting questions that she’s not heard before. She is very excited to see their final outcomes at the end of their projects.

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