At the beginning of the term we introduced our new school guiding principles: be kind, work hard and aim high.

However, we know these are principles that members of our school community have long been following, with many students returning to school with news of achievements during the school holidays.

During the first South Avenue Friday assembly, Mrs Johnson was proud to hand out awards to pupils in years 6 and 7 who all have news to celebrate and recognise.

  • Indie S returned to school having aimed high at her kickboxing competition
  • Annie F has been working hard with her out of school swimming team
  • Ayden D worked hard to get his 200 metre swimming badge
  • Imogen B showed her kindness by having her long hair cut and donating the hair to the Little Princess Trust, a charity who makes real wigs for children and young people who have lost their own hair through cancer.

In our second South Avenue Friday assembly, certificates were handed out to students in years 5, 6 and 7:

  • Ollie A and Jay R for aiming high with their man of the match awards
  • Nina B aiming high for her dance awards
  • Lucy G working hard on her own novel
  • Jaya T for trying hard in all lessons
  • Taylor M for trying her best at all times and taking pride in her work
  • Sarah H for being kind by picking up litter and helping to keep our school community tidy.

We also had a special visit from our friends at Broomhill First School. Headteacher Mrs Johnson and class teacher Mr Smith joined our assembly to present Year 5 pupils who have moved up from their school with their John Muir Awards.

To receive the awards, students had to demonstrate awareness of, and responsibility for, the natural environment.

Congratulations to all who received a certificate from Mrs Johnson and to all students who have made progress, achieved personal goals and showed their kindness to others both throughout the summer holidays and as we kick off the new term, we’re very pleased to have you all here with us.

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