Our Year 13 chemistry students visited Quotient Science in Alnwick this week for an insightful look behind-the-scenes look at a scientific workplace.

The students were privileged to spend some time with the scientists currently involved in pioneering pharmaceutical drug development.

The group spent time in the laboratories, observing and developing knowledge of the key pieces of equipment required by the A-level chemistry course.

The NMR spectrometer (pictured behind the students) is a very expensive piece of equipment (worth approximately £1 million) and is fundamental for Quotient Science’s research.

The company has heavily invested in the growing Alnwick site, which we’re very lucky to have on our doorstep.

There are already two former James Calvert Spence College students among the approximately 180 employees of Quotient Science in Alnwick and we hope this will provide a progression route for students in the future.

Thank you to Quotient Science for sharing their time and work with us, the visit was much appreciated by all.

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