We had an action packed World Book day this week, with a book swaps held at both sites and a themed fancy dress at South Avenue.

There was also plenty of other literary based fun with a book quiz and activities in lessons.

This year, students in years 5-7 were invited to dress up as a word of their choice and there were some fantastically eye-catching and thought provoking efforts.

Congratulations to Lola, Indie, Oscar, Charlie, Jacey-Leigh, Nina, Alicia, Jake, Piper, Hallie, Mazie and Harriet who all won prizes including World Book Day t-shirts, hoodies and books for their efforts.

Librarian Mrs Johnson (who came to school dressed as ‘library’ for World Book Day), awarded the prizes at the South Avenue morning assembly on Friday March 3rd.

She said: “I was so impressed by the students’ creativity for their World Book Day costumes at South Avenue this year. There were some fabulous ideas for costumes and some really ambitious vocabulary! We asked for teacher nominations to choose the winners – congratulations to everyone who was picked out.

“Children’s charity the Book Trust tells us that choice is the key to children reading for pleasure and the libraries at both school sites have gone from strength to strength this year. With support from Northumberland Schools’ Library Service, we are able to offer a great selection of fiction books for students to choose from and take to read at home. Break times and lunch times are always busy and lots of students have volunteered to help with issuing and returning books. Competition between the year groups at South Avenue is fierce but Year 6 have once again emerged as the best borrowers so far this term.”

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