A group of dancers who attend James Calvert Spence College had a unique chance to meet a famous ballet dancer at Fourways, Amble, thanks to the Ambler.

The local newspaper set up the opportunity to interview Fernando Montano, a Colombian choreographer and dancer who has performed as a soloist at the Royal Ballet.

Mrs Barton and Mrs Baxter went along with the group and two of the Ambler’s young journalists from the Artograffi group, everyone found listening to Mr Montano thoroughly inspiring.

The accomplished principal dancer talked about the journey of him becoming a dancer, how he left home at 14 to move to another country in pursuit of his dream, leaving his family behind and the other career opportunities dancing opened up, including modelling, fashion design and charity work.

Mr Montano has an interest in sustainable fashion and talked to the children about this too.

One of the key messages he shared with the students was to not be put off following your interests by what others are saying or doing, and to stick to your dreams even if things seem to get in your way.

He also very kindly shared some tips about managing stage nerves, saying: “Nerves are normal – they’re a good thing – it shows you care. You just need to take your time, take deep breaths and visualise what you’re going to do out on the stage.”

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