Former student, Amelia Davis, earned her gold Duke of Edinburgh Award back in May 2020 at JCSC. Three years later, she has finally received her certificate at a ceremony in Buckingham Palace Gardens on Saturday 20th May 2023, after the pandemic pushed back the celebration.

The award scheme started in 1956 and participants have to progress through their bronze and silver awards before earning the gold award. Amelia had to complete multiple sections to earn the gold award. She carried out six months of dance lessons for the physical section, wrote a poem every week for a year for the skills section. Additionally, she volunteered as a French classroom assistant for a year. Finally, Amelia spent four days in the Lake District for the expedition section.

Amelia is following in her mum’s footsteps. Lydia Davis, who works at JCSC as an exam invigilator, also earned her gold award at JCSC back in 1992. Over thirty years ago now, Lydia was part of the first all female group to obtain a gold DofE award together. Lydia was wearing her Gold Award badge to the celebration.

Lydia says “It’s a great experience earning your Duke of Edinburgh Award. It is both a psychical and mental challenge which allows you to discover what you’re truly capable of.”

“I felt proud to know we were representing Amble in Buckingham Palace Gardens by two generations of gold DofE achievers.”

It was former maths teacher Mr Anderson who reintroduced the Duke of Edinburgh Awards to JCSC. He supported Amelia alongside fellow students Lindsey and Oliver in obtaining their gold awards. They both managed to pick up their gold awards from the palace last summer.

Although slightly delayed, a huge congratulations to Amelia! This is an outstanding achievement and is an inspiration other students completing their DofE.

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