The Duke of Gloucester has opened the Amble ‘Bord Waalk’ sculpture trail, with JCSC students having a front row seat.

His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester arrived by helicopter, landing at Amble Links. He was then met by her Grace the Duchess of Northumberland. They travelled to Shorebase Trust on the Braid where the ceremony took place.

The trail is inspired by the bird life found along the Amble coast and has been created by nationally and internationally renowned artists.

Some of our Year 5 students headed down to the Braid, ready to greet the Duke, alongside students from Amble Links and Amble First School.

The students were there for the opening of the ‘Birdsong’ sculpture, which represents the sound wave of a birdsong.

TICE carried out digital projects with schools across Northumberland. Each project consisted of a in-school workshop with an artist to enhance creative skills needed for the project. This also spread awareness of the sculpture trail in Amble. Each workshop was completed and enjoyed by the students from Berwick Academy, James Calvert Spence College and The Duchess’s Community High School.

The students watched excitedly as the helicopter landed in the distance.

Later, the Duke and the Duchess walked down the trail and the Duke of Gloucester opened the Birdsong Sculpture.

The Duke said “I hope that those who come here feel that they are part of this special occasion in a special place. All these different sculptures reflecting all the birds and the wildlife that we should all appreciate as they fly by.”

This was a very inspiring day for our students.

For more information on the Bord Waalk see here:

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