Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service have visited JCSC to warn students about the dangers and consequences of starting deliberate fires.

In 2022, there was a significant rise in the number of deliberate fires started in Amble. Wanting to prevent this in the future, the fire service came to visit us. 

Matthew Cairns, Watch Manager (based in Amble), came in and spoke to our students about deliberate fires, how fast they can spread, how they destroy buildings and the risk to life. He also discussed hoax calls with students. 

Matthew explains “Deliberate fires affect the fire service massively. We are trying to educate young people to prevent it from happening. We carry out a lot of prevention and protection work, this falls under prevention, to make people safer,”

“This was becoming a major problem in Amble, our service being sent to deliberate fires often. Between April and August is our busiest time for this kind of thing. Lighter nights are an issue because kids are out later. Parents have to take some responsibility as well and make sure they are educating their children on the dangers of fire.” 

He also came in to speak to Year 8 about combustion and the dangers of smoke. Matthew and his team then demonstrated to students how they use the fire engine hose to put out fires. 

A huge thank you to Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service for coming in to teach us more about fire safety.

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