Year 5 students conducted their own crime scene investigation recently, gaining insight into scientific career pathways in the process.

They used fingerprinting and chromatography to examine evidence and help solve a problem – in this case, a crime!

Mr Smith’s computer monitor was ‘stolen’ and students examined the fingerprints left at the scence.

The students compared each suspect’s fingerprint, and the fingerprint taken from a ransom letter left at the crime scene.

They then compared ink from each suspect’s pen to the ink used on the letter. After discussing observations, students wrote up a forensic report stating our findings.

Following on from our crime solving investigation, the children used different coloured inks on chromatography paper and made predictions about which colours would be found in each ink, before observing the results.

The students engaged with the lesson fantastically, enjoyed the two activities and were successful in identifying the ‘criminal’ – who was revealed to be Mr Rodgers!

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