School Values

At James Calvert Spence College, our school values are the foundation of our school community on which we build every other aspect of our school.
We expect all members of our community to:

Guiding Principles

Every individual member of our community should be in the right place, at the right time, with the right appearance, equipment and attitude.

At all times, everyone has the right to:

  • Fulfil their role without interference, for example, to learn or to teach
  • Be safe
  • Be treated and spoken to with respect

These school values and principles are central in our PRIDE and RESPECT expectations that are displayed in all classrooms and support our Rewards Lighthouse and Behaviour Ladder. 

Be Kind
Work Hard
Aim Hign
James Calvert Spence college

Our mission statement:

We firmly believe in the potential of every single student and that each one is capable of achieving great things. We want our students to leave us confident, well-rounded and well qualified. We will prepare students to go out into the world and seize every opportunity. 

Behaviour Ladder

Achievement Lighthouse

British Values Statement
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