Breakfast and Lunch

Our catering team is committed to serving healthy food and linking this to education and life skills to promote healthy living. All our menus are nutritionally analysed according to government regulations for school lunches. We can cater for a range of special dietary needs, such as gluten free, allergies, diabetes, religious and ethnic diets and vegetarian, on request. We provide a Greggs sponsored breakfast club before school, which is very popular. There are also morning break and lunchtime services. Our rotating three-week lunch menus feature a wide range of hot meals, snacks and refreshments. School canteen lunch menus currently run on a three-weekly cycle with nutritious two-course meal and ‘grab and go’ options available. Please note all menus are subject to change. The menus below will be available from March 2023 until July 2023.

Last updated: 06/12/23

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Lunch Price List Students
Lunch Price List Adults

Paying For Food

We have a biometric cashless catering system so that students can add cash to their secure individual catering account using the top-up machine in school.  Alternatively, dinner monies can be paid using the My Child at School app, see School Payments for further details.

Free School Meals

Students entitled to a free school meal make their choice from the menu in the same way as the students who pay. Students entitled to a free school meal have the set amount for a free school meal allocated to their account automatically.  The cashless catering system is also used by all students.

Food Allergen Labelling 

We understand that people with food allergies have to be extremely careful about what they eat.  Food labelling is therefore very important and we ensure that we display information about the common ingredients that may cause allergies in all the food we serve.  We ask parents to notify the school of allergies that students have so we are aware of these.  Students can ask any member of the Catering Team for more detailed information about possible allergens.

The Food Standards Agency has produced a leaflet to help people understand food allergen labelling.

Poster on food allergen information

Food Hygiene 

We received the highest possible Food Hygiene Rating of 5 (Very Good) at our last inspection by Northumberland County Council.


We welcome feedback from students, staff and parents so that we can improve our service.  Please contact our Catering Manager, Denise Embleton, on
01665 710636 if you would like to discuss the service

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