Did you know there are over 350 different career roles within the NHS? Year 8 students at JCSC learned about some of these roles this week, thanks to a live threatre performance delivered by the NHS.

Year 8 students were invited to ‘step into’ the NHS by becoming a biomedical scientist or even an electrician within the service.

Through the live threatre performance they heard about some of the diverse roles available within the organisation.

The performance also highlighted how different skills and passions for subjects not obviously connected with health, could provide career pathways into the NHS.

The session gave students plenty of food for thought and introduced jobs and careers many had not previously heard of.

Students in all years who would like to explore opportunities within the NHS are encouraged to visit the Step into the NHS website. Here, students, parents and carers can find information about jobs, apprenticeships and work experience within the NHS and also explore real-life stories from people who work within the organisation.

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