In what was undoubtedly one of the most hotly-contested competitions of Queen Elizabeth’s seventy year reign, the JCSC judges found it incredibly difficult to narrow down the competition among our fabulous JCSC Jubilee Bake off entries to choose just a handful of winners. As he diligently sampled cake, pie, meringue and cheesecake samples, Mr McCudden voiced that on reflection, perhaps he should have skipped breakfast. Instead, he moved his trouser belt one notch along and declared that he would have to forfeit his lunchtime apple in order to complete the task in hand. Before crowning the winners, our very own Mary Berry, Mrs Wingfield, talked through the judging process. She said: “There are some fabulous designs, the colours are really vivid, but then for some of the entries it was the taste that shone. The different flavours and textures were superb. It was so hard to judge.”

Thank you to every single one of the students and staff who brought something in today, it’s been an amazing day that’s hopefully been full of memories (and flavours) everyone will treasure.

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