Here at James Calvert Spence College, we are proud of our uniform. We strongly believe that school uniform is important for effective learning and teaching. Wearing a uniform instills pride in the students and the wider community. It also encourages identity with, and support for, our school ethos and supports positive behaviour. Having a school uniform and general appearance code protects children from social pressures to dress in a particular way. It nurtures cohesion, and helps to promote good relations between different groups of students.

We would like to thank all parents and carers for your help in maintaining JCSC’s uniform standards and ask for your support in achieving consistency throughout the school.


You can purchase uniform that must have the school embroidered logo on from our chosen suppliers:

Emblematic (emblematic.co.uk)
myclothing.com (myclothing.com)
Total Sport (totalsport.co.uk)


Some items that appear in the schoolwear sections of shops do not meet our uniform expectations. With this in mind, you will find examples of footwear, trousers and skirts that meet JCSC uniform standards on this page. You should direct any uniform queries to your child’s pastoral officer, prospective students and those transitioning to the school should contact Mr McCudden, Assistant Headteacher – Ethos & Culture.

Please note that sizing can vary between suppliers, so we advise looking a the sizing guides:


The JCSC uniform for Year 5 through to Year 11

We understand that the cost of school uniform can stack up. We want our uniform to be affordable and to offer good value. In line with government legislation, all branded items of uniform are marked as compulsory or optional.

BLAZERS (compulsory)

  • School blazer with school badge.

SHIRTS AND TIES (compulsory)

  • Plain white school shirt buttoned to the neck.
  • Clip on school tie (available from Emblematic or from the reception desks at either site).

SCHOOL JUMPER (optional)

  • Grey v-neck jumper with school logo (optional item).


Black school trousers. We do not allow jeans, leggings, cargo or stretchy style trousers and items should be free from logos and embellishments. The bottoms of trousers should rest on top of school shoes and move freely about the leg.

Please click on these style examples from online retailers to view examples of accepted trouser styles marketed to females:

Please click on these style examples from online retailers to view examples of accepted trouser styles marketed to males:


Black pleated or straight skirt. Skirts should not be tight fitting or stretchy style. Skirts must be no more than two inches (5 cm) above/below the knee.

Please click on these style examples from online retailers to view examples of accepted styles:


  • We allow Vans, Converse and Nike Air Force 1 type – any all black trainer/shoes. All sections of the shoe must be black, including soles and branding.
  • Dark socks (not white). Tights should be opaque (at least 60 denier).


Our school PE Kit is made up of compulsory and optional items. All PE Kit items are available from Total Sport and Emblematic, compulsory and optional items are marked accordingly. All jewellery must be removed and hair tied back before PE lessons for health and safety reasons. PE kit must only be worn on the day students have PE only.

  • JCSC sports blue T-shirt. (compulsory)
  • JCSC sports shorts, or leggings, or tracksuit bottoms. (compulsory – choose one)
  • Trainers.
  • Football boots can be worn during activities such as cross country, football and rugby with teacher’s permission.
  • ¼ zip JCSC top. (optional)


The school reserves the right to decide whether the general appearance of any student is appropriate for school. We would like to thank all parents and carers for your support in maintaining consistent standards.

  • Hair should be of a single natural colour. Unusual hairstyles such as tramlines, mohicans and other extreme cuts are not permitted.
  • Clear/ nude/ natural nail varnish is accepted but any coloured varnish including French polish is not permitted, and students will be told to remove any coloured varnish.
  • False nails are dangerous and are not accepted in school.
  • False eyelashes and fake tan are not permitted.
  • One small stud earring is permitted. This is to avoid painful injuries during PE and at other times of the day. If students come to school with piercings that are not permitted they will be asked to remove them before they attend lessons. Students will not be allowed to cover piercings.
  • A discreet stud or clear retainer may be worn but not a nose ring. They must be removed during PE lessons. Eyebrow and tongue studs are not allowed.
  • One small ring is permitted but no necklaces or bracelets.
  • Large fashion belts are not acceptable and hair bands should be thin and not too noticeable.
  • Hats and caps of any description should not be worn inside school buildings. Woollen hats may be worn outdoors but only when weather appropriate.
  • Outside coats must be removed when inside the school building.
  • Visible tattoos are not allowed. Any student with a visible tattoo will need to keep it covered.


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