Students were treated to an egg-stra special rewards Assembly before the Easter break. All those were in the top 25-30 students in each year group for the number of merits across the term were entered into Mr McCudden’s special prize draw with seasonal prizes such as creme eggs, and small and large Easter eggs distributed on a spin of the wheel.

Also up for grabs were the much sought-after ​prizes that money can’t buy — lunch queue fast passes as well as £20 and £10 Morrisons vouchers. 

A virtual rewards assemblies held at Acklington Road and at South Avenue students gathered together in person with much excitement to see who would win the prizes.

Assistant Headteacher Mr McCudden said: “It’s been a very busy start to 2022. It was fantastic to see all the students and give a special nod of thanks to everyone who has been trying so hard academically and by modelling our school values. I hope the reward recipients will enjoy their surprises and that the assembly will ‘egg’ on others to keep pushing to be their best.”

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