Corporal Henderson, next to his great grandfather’s gravestone.

Year 11 student Liam, came across what he believes is his great grandfather’s grave, during his visit with the Army Cadets to Nijmegen, Holland.

The Northumbria Army Cadet Force are taking part in the 105th Nijmegen Marches. The team are required to walk 25k every day for four days. The team is supported by JCSC’s own Miss Cassidy.

Liam, is part of the Northumbria team and is taking part in the four day event. Alongside this, he has been taking part in battlefield tours.

During a visit to Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery, Liam stumbled across the grave of his great grandfather 14327560 Pte TJ Henderson.

His grandfather, whom served with the KOSB airborne in World War 2, was just 20 years old when he was killed 18th September 1944.

Miss Cassidy, awaiting the Northumbria Army Cadet Team to finish at the 25k mark.

The team were shocked as to how many unmarked graves there were. The team laid a reef at the cenotaph and had a minute’s silence. Another member of the team explains this was a very heart felt moment.

Liam says “I believe I found my Grandfather. He was originally from Berwickshire. He was part of the Scottish Border Regiment and was briefly attached to The Parachute Regiment, in 1943, before he unfortunately passed away.”

What an incredible and unforgettable experience for Liam and the team. We wish them luck in the rest of their ventures.

“We will remember them.”

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