If you know you are going to be late for an exam, please ring the school to let us know. When you arrive at school, let reception know and then wait until Mrs Smith comes to collect you. You will then be escorted into the exam, but only if you arrive within the permitted guidelines for late arrivals. There are no allowances for very late arrivals; you will not be able to sit the paper – this will severely affect your overall grade for that subject.


If you are unable to attend the exam due to genuine illness, you must contact the school and let Ms Hobden know. You will need to obtain a medical certificate from your Doctor – this must be handed to Ms Hobden within two days of the missed scheduled exam. The awarding body will then decide if they will make any allowances to your overall grade for the missing paper.

The external exams can only be taken at their scheduled time – you will only have one opportunity to take each exam paper.


If anything happens to you before or during an exam, which could affect your success, please speak to Ms Hobden, the Exam Officer.

JCQ have a process in place that informs the exam boards in the event of bereavement, illness or other issues affecting your performance in the exams. The exam boards may be able to take the situation into consideration when awarding marks for that exam.

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