Exam Day

JCQ have Preparing to sit your exams checklist to make sure you are prepared for your exams.

Ofqual have produced a student guide with information about this year’s exam arrangements and student checklist to help you be prepared.
You will be emailed your exam timetable, room and details of where you should meet before your exam.

Your identity must be verified before you can sit the examination. If you are wearing religious clothing such as a veil, you will be asked to remove it in private by a member of staff of the same sex. You can then replace your clothing before returning as normal.

You are only allowed the following items with you at your desk during the exam:

  • A clear pencil case
  • Black biro pens – bring spares with you.
  • Pencil(s) and sharpener
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Highlighters – only the question paper can be highlighted, not your answers
  • Calculator – if permitted by the exam, no case and cleared memory
  • Maths equipment (pair of compasses and protractor) – if required for the exam
  •   Water in a clear water bottle with the label removed – sports bottles are not allowed
  • No food in allowed in the exam rooms (Specific medical conditions may permit this)

Mobile phones, watches and electronic devices are not allowed in the exam room. JCSC take no responsibility to any items left in bags and/or coats during exams.

  •  If mobile phones, watches and electronic devices are brought to school, these should be turned off and kept in your bag or handed in before the exam
  • Coats and blazers are not to be worn in the exam rooms. They should be removed before you are called into the exam. Full uniform must be worn in all exams.
  • You will leave bags and belongings outside the exam room.
  • Other items must be given to the invigilators at the start of them exam to check
  • Candidates may be scanned to check for any unauthorised electronic devices. This could be on entry or exit to the exam room.
  • Year 12 and 13 students – your ID badges should be removed during the exam and placed under your desk. Hoodies and
    coats cannot be worn during the exams.

Once you are in the exam room you must stay in the room until the exam has completed, the papers collected and you have been dismissed by an invigilator. You may then quietly leave the room and collect your belongings.

Only those with a known medical condition are allowed to leave the exam room for a rest break. You will be accompanied at all times. The time you take for a rest break is added on to the end of the exam. You may not take rest breaks in the first or last 20 minutes of any exam.

Only those with a toilet pass to go to the toilet. You may not take a toilet break in the first or last 30 mins of any exam. If you need the toilet, put up your hand and let the invigilator know. You will be accompanied at all times. No additional time will be given for temporarily leaving the exam room.

Disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated before or in the exam rooms and is malpractice. Following an initial warning, anyone continuing to be disruptive will be removed from the exam. The Awarding Bodies will be informed and it could lead to disqualification.

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