There are many reasons that I like this book but the main ones are the fact that you say you hate someone but really yo have a great appreciation towards them no matter how much you try to convince yourself otherwise.

Another reason is that this book shows you that everyone deserves love even if they are disabled or have some mental health issues that can get in the way of your feelings . The final reason is that the book shows that even if you love someone you can’t stop them from what they want to do even though it may not seem the right choice at that moment of time but it will eventually all become clearer even if everyone one around them thinks it’s wrong they see it as right. In this book the man is disabled and the women has to talk him out of an assisted suicide, but they end up falling in love and he still goes through with the suicide while she is trying to use love to stop him, he is using it as one final reason to be happy , all of this proves that even though people fall in love that doesn’t stop people from what they want even if their partner/family disagrees.

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