Matilda, who is in Year 5 at JCSC, has been working hard and aiming high, as she has been competing in the BGSA North Region Schools Trampoline competition and recently came in 6th place at the semi-finals.

Back in December, Matilda came 3rd place in the Year 1-6 Novice Category. This achievement propelled her to the Zonal round, a significant step in her trampolining journey.

The Zonal round took place in Wakefield on February 3, 2024, where Matilda continued to shine. She represented JCSC phenomenally, carrying out two very clean routines before the judges. She managed to secure a commendable 6th place finish, narrowly missing out on advancing to the finals in Telford.

Matilda’s outstanding performance at the BSGA North Region Schools Trampoline competition has filled us with immense pride here at JCSC.

Securing the 6th position out of a total of 38 competitors is a remarkable accomplishment.

Matilda says “I have been doing gymnastics and trampolining since I was two years old. I love trampolining because you can learn new moves that you can’t do on the floor. I was really happy to come 6th in the competition, I am proud of myself.”

Matilda was a great interviewee, going on to encourage others to take up trampolining, “I would recommend trampolining to others because it is a nice break after school and I find it relaxing.”

At JCSC, we always celebrate the achievements of our students and encourage parents and carers to share photos and videos capturing their children’s passions and accomplishments.

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