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Google Classroom Instructions and Google Classroom Codes Instructions

● At JCSC students use Google Classroom to access resources and work set by their teachers. Google Classroom allows teachers to post and share class materials.

● We recommend students download the Google Classroom App to receive notifications from their teachers when new work is posted or the class teacher wishes to send a message to the students. The Google Classroom app is available to download for free on Apple, Android or Chrome devices.

● Google Classroom can be accessed on a computer (click this link to watch the video on how your son / daughter can do this). Google Classroom can also be accessed by going online and entering the following web address: https://classroom.google.com/ It is recommended that the Google Chrome web browser is used to access Google Classroom.

● Students log into Google Classroom using their school e-mail address for example studentusername@jcsc.co.uk and school password.

● Students know how to add themselves to a Google Classroom. For students to join a class they should use the “+” option to enter the classroom code. Students can then gain access to all resources.

● If your son/daughter experiences any problems logging into Google Classroom you can e-mail us at ictsupport2020@jcsc.co.uk for support. Google Classroom Codes are below: (Please note some subjects are not listed as students are already enrolled in the class).

A full list of codes are available here – Google Classroom Codes

Geography codes are available here – Geography Google Classroom Codes

KS2 Students

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