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Welcome back to virtual school!

Students should choose a “starter”, “main” and “dessert” each day. We are not setting work according to timetables as it is unreasonable to expect a child at home to do five hours’ work, given they will not be taking part in class discussions or other group activities.

We have designed our tasks to allow you as parents and carers to have less pressure on being the “home teacher” while your child is still set relevant and interesting work.

Desserts are made up of three types of activity:

Passion Day Greatest Hits, which are activities based on some of our highly successful Passion Day activities that ran throughout the school;

Sweet Treats, which are fun activities which would normally form part of school life such as competitions and pastoral team challenges;

Cheese Board, which are some cheesy activities which are perhaps a little more tongue in cheek, such as pop quizzes.

You will need a Google Classroom code to enter the “desserts”. The code is ylkuvxa.

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KS4 Menu


Google Classroom

Google Classroom Instructions and Google Classroom Codes Instructions

● At JCSC students use Google Classroom to access resources and work set by their teachers. Google Classroom allows teachers to post and share class materials.

● We recommend students download the Google Classroom App to receive notifications from their teachers when new work is posted or the class teacher wishes to send a message to the students. The Google Classroom app is available to download for free on Apple, Android or Chrome devices.

● Google Classroom can be accessed on a computer (click this link to watch the video on how your son / daughter can do this). Google Classroom can also be accessed by going online and entering the following web address: https://classroom.google.com/ It is recommended that the Google Chrome web browser is used to access Google Classroom.

● Students log into Google Classroom using their school e-mail address for example studentusername@jcsc.co.uk and school password.

● Students know how to add themselves to a Google Classroom. For students to join a class they should use the “+” option to enter the classroom code. Students can then gain access to all resources.

● If your son/daughter experiences any problems logging into Google Classroom you can e-mail us at ictsupport2020@jcsc.co.uk for support. Google Classroom Codes are below: (Please note some subjects are not listed as students are already enrolled in the class).

A full list of codes are available here – Google Classroom Codes

Geography codes are available here – Geography Google Classroom Codes

KS2 Students

Details of KS2 home learning can be found in the KS2 Student Letter.

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