In order to comply with JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications) regulations, all exam candidates must read and be aware of the information contained in the following documents before the start of their exams. Students are required to comply with all JCQ examination regulations or risk being investigated for malpractice and disqualified.

A warning to candidates is displayed outside every examination room as well as a list of unauthorised items.

In order to comply with JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications) regulations, James Calvert Spence College has the following policies in place regarding Examinations:


Malpractice means any act or practice which breaks the Regulations. Any alleged, suspected or actual incidents of malpractice will be investigated and reported to the relevant awarding bodies. Malpractice can be:

  • Bringing unauthorised material into the examination room e.g. mobile phones
  • Breaking examination conditions e.g. talking during an examination
  • Exchanging, obtaining, receiving or passing on information which could be examination related (or the attempt to
  • Plagiarism
  • Undermining the integrity of examinations or assessments

You need to know that the following would be malpractice:

  • copying or allowing work to be copied, e.g. posting written work on social networking sites prior to an examination/assessment
  • collusion: allowing others to help produce your work or helping others with theirs
  • asking others about what questions your exam will include (even if no one tells you)
  • having or sharing details about exam questions before the exam – whether you think these are real or fake
  • not telling exam boards or your school about information being shared

Awarding bodies may issue a warning, loss of marks for some or all of a paper, disqualify you from some or all of your exams with them or ban you from entering exams for a set period of time.

The work which you submit for assessment must be your own. If you copy the words, ideas or outputs of others and do not show your sources in references and a bibliography, this will be considered as cheating. You must acknowledge any use of AI by showing the name of the AI source and the date it was generated.

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