On Friday, our Year 11 students celebrated their time at James Calvert Spence with an afternoon of food, fun and fantastically-unique award certificates. Many students also chose to have their white shirts signed by fellow students and staff over lunchtime.

A special leavers’ lunch was available, with pizza for all, generously sponsored by Morrisons, Amble. And, on a lovely warm day, our Class of ’22 was very grateful to have the choice of a ’99 or a lolly from their own visiting ice cream van to top off a fantastic lunch. Our traditional Year 11 awards ceremony followed, with Mrs Bailey and a team of staff hosts handing out a diverse set of certificates to many of the Year 11 students and to some staff, too.

Students received certificates in good humour for a vast range of recognised qualities including their kindness, welcoming attitudes and being good friends.

There were also plenty of tongue-in-cheek awards such as the certificate given to one student recognising his apparent constant preference for football punditry over classwork. Perhaps a career on-screen for Sky Sports beckons?

Year 11s also collected their leavers hoodies on the day, which we are sure will be worn with pride. While lessons are now over for the Year 11 students, there are still some exams left and of course, the Year 11 Prom on Thursday 30th June is still on the horizon.

David Nisbet, Head of School, said: “We hope you all had a fabulous day, Class of ‘22! You’ve had a challenging few years thanks to COVID and have shown real stoicism and determination to succeed; we have high hopes for every one of you.”

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