Sixth Form Admissions

Admissions Policy

The sixth form at James Calvert Spence College offers a range of Level 3 A Level and BTEC courses studied over 2 years and Level 2 courses studied in one year. Full details of the courses available, including enrichment activities can be found in the sixth form prospectus published annually.

We have an open admissions policy for entry to the sixth form which takes no account of gender, race, background, cultural identity, religious or political beliefs. Students who have been permanently excluded from the school in Years 9, 10 or 11 will not be considered for entry into the sixth form. Those students who have been issued with a final warning by the Executive Headteacher or Head of School will only be considered for the sixth form if it is agreed that they have reformed their behaviour and attitude. Consultation on these pupils will take place between the Head of School, Heads of Faculty, Head of Sixth Form and the students Form Tutor and a recommendation will be made to the Executive Headteacher who will decide whether the student should be admitted. Parents will have the right of appeal to the governors disciplinary committee.

Acceptance into the sixth form will also be dependent on examination grades achieved previously and consideration of a suitable combination of courses/subjects that corresponds to the ability of each student and their prior performance. Students who have not achieved the examination grades necessary for their first choice courses will be advised by the Head of Sixth Form or members of the School Leadership Team or sixth form tutors regarding alternative courses. In the event that alternatives are not deemed suitable and students are likely to become NEET, students will be referred to the school Careers Personal Advisor, who is based at County Hall, to be advised on other options outside school.

Students wishing to join the sixth form to study a programme of Level 3 courses (i.e. A Level or Level 3 BTEC courses or a combination of both) are expected to enroll for and complete four subjects and only in exceptional circumstances in discussion with the Head of Sixth Form three. Students are expected to have achieved at least five GCSE passes or equivalent in five different subjects, although some subjects do ask higher grades – see sixth form prospectus).

Students wishing to enroll for a Level 2 course are expected to have achieved a minimum of five GCSE passes. Level 2 students will be allocated two days of timetabled lessons in their vocational subject. They will also spend two days studying Mathematics and English. Students will be expected to spend one day a week engaged in a work placement with a local employer / training provider or undertaking voluntary work.

All students that have not achieved a minimum of a grade C in GCSE English or mathematics MUST resit the subject(s) in the sixth form.

Sixth form students are expected to adhere to the schools code of conduct, the sixth form contract and the sixth form dress code (agreed by the sixth form executive and published in the sixth form prospectus). They are also expected to attend registration and assembly / tutor time every morning and one PSCHE day per half term as calendared. Students must also timetable study periods in the library into their timetable. Students must attend all timetabled lessons (except in cases of authorised absence) and complete work set by subject teachers. Students are also encouraged to become involved in enrichment activities, voluntary work and the life of the School. Failure to comply with these basic requirements will result in disciplinary action which may culminate in students being asked to leave the sixth form.