Tution Fund

Academic Year 2021-22

At James Calvert Spence College Sixth Form we have a wide variety of Level 3 Academic and Vocational subjects. Additionally, we also provide a level 2 course in Childcare alongside the options of re-sitting Level 2 GCSE English Language and Maths.

This academic year we have 8 students completing the re-sit GCSE Maths and 4 students completing the re-sit GCSE English qualification, in addition to 5 students completing the one-year level 2 Childcare course. In the previous academic year there were 8 students studying Maths, 6 students for English Language and 2 students on the level 2 Childcare course. All students attending resit classes have access to a minimum of 5 hours fortnight with this year’s cohort receiving 6 hours. Throughout our Sixth Form provision both Level 2 and Level 3 classes are small with the maximum class size this academic year only just into double figures. Students have access to tailored courses with tuition provided throughout, which has also enabled the school to provide the courses the students wish to study as part of their post 16 option courses. This academic year we have provided courses for individual students in French and Graphics.

For any students that were awarded qualifications last summer all students have the opportunity to sit the exam to increase their grade if they are not happy. This is for all students, even if they were awarded a grade 4+. Students should sit these exams at the centre where they were entered for the summer exams. The only exception is if they have gone to college/a different setting and did not achieved a 4+ in GCSE Maths or English Language, they will have to sit the Autumn exam at the new setting.

Students entered for GCSE resits will have the opportunity to re-sit their exam in November if both the student and teacher believe the student is capable of achieving a Grade 4. If students require further guidance and support all students will subsequently be entered for the summer exams. The school will pay for both November and summer exam entries.

If you require any further information please contact David Nisbet (Head of School), James Moore (Head of Sixth Form) or Suzi Smith (Exams Officer).