Inclusion at JCSC: 

Inclusion is very important at JCSC, all pupils are a valued members of our school community 

Mrs Jacqui Johnson is our SENCO, she is supported by a skilled team of teaching and support staff to ensure the needs of our most vulnerable learners are met. You can contact Mrs Johnson on 01665 710636 or email 

Levels of support: 

There is a clear referral system to raise concerns regarding the progress of a child. Parents can refer through the referral form on the website or by contacting Mrs Johnson directly. Staff can complete a referral form to refer into the SEND department. 

At JCSC, we have a graduated approach to meeting the needs of SEND pupils: 

  • Vulnerable learners list – list of pupils who are being monitored closely
  • SEN Support – those pupils who have more complex needs and require support over and above that available in the classroom
  • EHCP – Pupils with the most complex needs for whom school receives funding to meet their needs

SEND Needs supported: 

The SEN Code of Practice states there are four categories of needs: 

  • Learning difficulties 
  • Communication needs 
  • Social, emotional and mental health needs 
  • Physical and sensory impairments 

JCSC provides additional support to pupils experiencing any of these barriers to learning. If the in-school programmes are not enough, the SENCO will refer to an outside agency to access additional advice or support.  

Reviewing pupils with SEND at JCSC 

All pupils on the SEND register will receive a termly review. This may be chaired by the SENCO or may be an SEN teacher, HLTA, LSP or class teacher. The review will be chaired by the person who knows the pupil best.  


At JCSC we recognise that change is difficult for all pupils but increasingly so for pupils with SEND. To support transition at all phases the SENCO meets with parents, visits feeder schools or post 16 destinations. Enhanced transition is available for pupils moving from first schools to JCSC, this involves spending three days with the SEND team participating in a range of exciting transition activities.  

SEND Policies and Provision documents

JCSC SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) Information Report 2021
SEN Information Report in Brief
SEND Policy
Accessibility Policy and Plan 2021-2024
Parental Concerns referral form

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Our Special Educational Needs coordinator is Jacqueline Johnson. Should you have any queries relating to SEND in school, please email

Useful SEND Information Links for Children, Young People & Families

A wealth of useful information can be found in this SEND Information Links padlet, which is regularly updated with new resources.