PE Grant Information

PE grant information

Sports Premium Funding

The Director of Primary education at JCSC has worked closely with KS2 PE teachers to identify a range of equipment and opportunities that can support and engage students to become more active.  The outcome of these meetings has resulted in external outdoor activity providers being identified for future visits, greater opportunities to attend sports competitions and external sports leaders to come into school to enhance participation and interest.  In addition, Year 5 and 6 students in the school council meeting identified equipment they would like to use at break and lunch times.  This funding has greatly supported JCSC last academic year with a series of sporting fixtures being attended in terms of transport costs for students and the purchase of a wide range of PE equipment.

Sports Premium Budget Impact Plan 2017 / 2018

Sports Premium Funding Purchase Impact on Students
Outdoor activity providers being identified for future visits.  For example, Coquet Shore This will allow the students to visit the centre for the day and experience a range of new and exciting activities. It has been a trip that has been ran before in the past with fantastic feedback, and with this extra funding we will be able to run it this year.
External sports leaders to come into school to enhance participation and interest We are in the process of working with external coaches. These act as role models for the students and can offer them specialist sessions, as well as a personal insight and knowledge.
Sporting fixtures being organised
Climbing wall This will offer students across the whole school to use these traversing walls both and break and lunch time every day. It will help encourage physical activity as well as being fun and enjoyable. It will also feature artwork designed by the students themselves.
Break / lunch time sports equipment The purchase of this equipment has provided students with the opportunity to gain exercise before school and break and lunch times.  The equipment was specifically purchased based upon student council feedback to ensure that students would engage with physical activity and also cultivate an atmosphere of enjoyment and engagement.
Outdoor activity trip to Kirkley Hall for Year 6 Pupils did a wide range of activities such as the climbing wall, abseiling, zip wire, crate building, rope walking, and archery. This gave the pupils an opportunity to take part in activities they hadn’t experienced before and it gave them a chance to improve their team building skills.