Latest Covid-19 News and Updates

JCSC COVID-19 Contingency

JCSC COVID-19 Contingency Plan Sept 21

Parents must be vigilant and not send students to school if they are displaying ANY symptoms of being unwell as it is common for first signs to be symptoms other than the classic 3 of high temperature, cough and loss of taste/smell. Students should not return to school until they are fully recovered.

Testing in Schools

Students who have consent to take part in back-to-school COVID mass testing will be tested in school Students will be tested for COVID on the 9th, 10th, 13th and 14th of September, each student will be tested twice. It is recommended that students home test on a fortnightly after this and test kits will continue to be available in school.

Consent form for student testing
Letter to Parents 8th March Testing
Student Privacy Form
Home Testing FAQs
Home Testing Letter to Parents

The following guides and information have been issued by the local council and government to help with student self testing:

Four easy stages of a rapid COVID-19 self-test

JCSC Covid-19 Letters and Updates

Our Executive Headteacher has been sharing the impact of COVID-19 in his regular blog posts/letters to parents, if you’ve missed any of these, you can catch up below, along with other updates relating to coronavirus:

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National Guidance

You can find the most up to date national information at Coronavirus: guidance and support –