group of students carrying out STEM practical

Students Start STEM Ambassador Training

Mar 26

A group of Year 8 students started their STEM Junior Ambassador training on Tuesday with the help of RTC North.

The pupils volunteered to be part of the scheme, which this week saw them learn a variety of practicals, which they will then teach to younger learners.

As part of the scheme, the ambassadors will in the future pass on what they have learnt to students at South Avenue and hopefully to our linked first schools too.

The idea is to inspire the next generation of scientists, technicians, engineers, and mathematicians in our local area.

Our ambassadors will be learning and demonstrating practicals such as making slime, homemade volcanoes, vitamin C rockets, and making a tornado in a bottle.

Science Teacher, Dr Southworth, said: “It was great to see our junior ambassadors so enthusiastic about all the STEM practicals. Each student had a really sensible approach and they worked really well as a team too. They’re all looking forward to sharing what they’ve learnt.”