Sage Donation Launches Lego League Plans at JCSC

Mar 15

We are extremely excited to announce that JCSC recently took delivery of lots of Lego thanks to a very kind donation from Sage. 

[insert photo surrounded by mounds of lego]

Pictured here, you can see our Director of Vocational Studies, Mr Gaines, surrounded by mountains of delivery boxes, all packed with lego that will be put to good use by our students within ICT and Computing lessons and during JCSC Code Club sessions.

It is hoped that the equipment will allow JCSC to launch itself into the highly-competitive Lego league, which introduces science, technology, engineering and maths to students and allow their critical thinking, coding and design skills. 

Since the Lego arrived a few weeks ago, staff members have been familiarising themselves with the kit, building, programming and testing their very first robots after receiving training from the friendly team at

During the initial testing stages, Mr Smith proved to be quite a sore loser and at times resorted to distraction tactics to try and take the lead against his opponents.

However, we are pleased to report that JCSC Code Club students displayed much better sportsmanship as they got to grips with the equipment last week. Our students are looking forward to getting started on various projects, testing their imaginations and advancing their coding skills.

“We are absolutely over the moon with the mounds of Lego that Sage kindly sent to us. It’s such a fantastic resource that will provide many hands-on learning opportunities for our students for years to come,” said Mr Gaines, Director of Vocational Studies.

Adding: “We’d like to thank Sage and Raisingrobots for helping us to get set up. Although we have some work to do before we are ready to enter the Lego League, we really can’t wait to get started. Watch this space!”