Pride Displays at JCSC

Jun 28

June is Pride month and as we close the month, we are putting a spotlight on some displays at South Avenue that have been put up to celebrate as well as educate this month.

In recent years, there has been much wider media visibility of Pride Month, which celebrates LGBTQ+ communities all around the world.

However, while you might be aware of Pride events and festivals, or you may see adverts from retailers such as Apple and Disney launching Pride products that feature the inclusive flag, not everyone knows the history and wider meaning of Pride.

South Avenue student Hunter Morrison wanted to raise awareness of the meaning of Pride and helped Mrs Stewart to put together a colourful and thoughtful display exploring different aspects of Pride and its communities.

Mr McGreevy also put together a really bright rainbow display in his classroom.

It is hoped the displays will stay up a while longer, and there are plans to use them as a starting point for LGBTQ discussion in PHSE lessons, highlighting that inclusivity should be an all year-round consideration.