Goodbye Year 11 2020-21

Jul 2

In years free of COVID-19 regulations, we have waved off our Year 11 students with a prom celebrating their years and achievements at James Calvert Spence College.

This year, we weren’t able to do our traditional Year 11 prom but we still wanted to make a fuss of our students.

It just so happened that the last teaching day in school for Year 11 2021 fell on Flamingo Friday, a day of celebration for the contribution of former teacher, Rachel Parks.

Our Year 11 students in particular really got into the spirit of the day and alongside the Flamingo Friday activities including the shrimp challenge and Fla-bingo, and they also had a few extra fun treats to pack in on the day.

The ice cream van serving 99s and ice lollies was a welcome arrival on the warm day and a special school lunch of pizza, chips and garlic bread was served up to the leavers.

Thanks go to Morrisons, Amble, who supplied us with a large number of their stonebaked pizzas at a discounted price for the event.

In the afternoon, staff and students hosted the Year 11 leaver awards, with certificates handed out and plenty of laughter along the way.

We would like to remind Year 11 students to keep checking their school email accounts for details of results day and the appeals process.