Celebrating our Remote Learning Shining Lights

Mar 1

Our latest Shining Light awards recognise efforts in adapting to online study as well as the different classroom learning those in school have also been adjusting to.

Students were nominated by staff across all subjects from Year 5 through to Year 11.

The helpfulness and kindness in the classroom of some of our students still in school was also acknowledged and several students were recognised for the number of merits they have been awarded.

In total, there were 85 Shining Light Certificates given out this time round.

Certificates were awarded for attributes such as positive attitude and work ethic, high levels of engagement, outstanding effort, application of knowledge, contribution to class discussion, working hard and progress made in particular areas.

Congratulations to everyone who received a Shining Light certificate and to all of our parents and carers who have supported their children and the school during this period of home learning.

We can’t wait to welcome more students back into school on March 8th. Don’t forget to check the arrangements for the return to school.