School Jumpers

We would recommend that all students have a school jumper. These are not compulsory but may well be necessary in colder months. We will allow students to wear plain black, navy blue, or grey hoodies in class. However, a school hoodie would be the ideal and we would strongly recommend the purchase of this garment, you can purchase a JCSC jumper online from Emblematic.

Hoodies of other colours and/or with large logos emblazoned across the chest or arms will not be permitted in the school building so, where present, logos should be small and discreet – no larger than the JCSC logo on the branded school jumpers. Please check with the relevant PSO for further guidance on this as hoodies that do not conform to these expectations will not be allowed to be worn inside the school building.

Buying a uniform

Wearing a uniform is a badge of pride. In school, all students are treated the same and wearing a uniform that makes them equal gives them a sense of identity and belonging. You can purchase uniform that must have the school embroidered logo on from our chosen suppliers:

Emblematic ( (

If you would like to see the uniform or try items on for size, we will have samples available at the “New” parents’ evenings. In addition, uniform is also available to view in all sizes at the Acklington Road site, please contact the school reception to make an appointment. The uniform shop will be open Each Monday night 3.30pm – 5.30 from 20th April 2020 and also during the Easter and May half term holidays on a Wednesday between 11am – 12noon and 2.30pm – 3.30pm. The uniform shop is also open at various times during the summer holidays and the dates will be available during the summer term 2020.

The uniform for Year 5 through to Year 11 is:

Item Details
Black blazer There will be NO expectation for students to wear a blazer until September 2021. Instead, from January 2021, students may wear a hoodie embroidered with the school logo available from our uniform supplier. No other hoodie or jumper will be accepted as an alternative.
Grey V-neck sweater Must have the school logo embroidered. This is optional.
Plain white Polo Top or plain white school shirt This must be plain with no logos or embellishments
Black school shorts Plain, must not have logos or embellishments or be sportswear
Black skirt Knee length, must not have logos or embellishments
Black school trousers Standard fit . Fashion items, jeans, jeggings, and leggings are not acceptable and must not have logos or embellishments.
School tie There will be NO expectation for students to wear a school tie until September 2021
Black school footwear Students should wear black polishable school shoes of a formal/dress style. No trainers or footwear with clear branding will be allowed. Therefore, Converse, Vans, TOMS, Stan Smiths, Nike (e.g. Air Force 1s), and black plimsoll style shoes will not be accepted.
White polo shirt Plain
Navy blue shorts (or tracksuit bottoms in the winter) Plain
Navy hoodie School logo embroidered or plain (not compulsory as part of the PE kit)
Navy or white socks  

Students should bring a suitable bag to carry their PE kit, books, planner and stationary.


Only the products listed below are required to have the school embroidered
logo. Both suppliers stock other items of uniform should parents want to purchase them from here.


Black blazer (boys and


girls fit)

28, 30”, 32”, 34”, 36”



38, 40”, 42”, 44”, 46”, 48”



100% cotton knitted V


neck Jumper

9/10, 11/12 (XXS), 13yrs (XS)



Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL



Clip on tie £4.99 Only available from emblematic or in-school
Navy hoodie 9/11, 12/13



Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL



These garments can be ordered online through Emblematic’s website

Orders can be delivered to school free of charge or alternatively there is the option of home delivery at a cost of £3 for the first item, plus £1 thereafter, or £6 fixed rate through DPD.

JCSC branded items can also be bought from (

Clip on ties

Clip-on ties are only available from Emblematic or from the reception desks at either site.

If you have any queries, please email or call 01665 710636.


Dress Code

We understand that some students wear make-up as it increases their confidence. Neutral make-up that is not noticeable is fine but anything beyond this is not accepted and students will have to remove it. False eyelashes are not permitted. Clear nail varnish is fine but any colours or French polish are not permitted and students will be told to remove this. False nails are dangerous and are not accepted in school. Anyone wearing them will not be allowed into lessons and will be taught at times of the day when there are no other students around. It will be the parent’s responsibility to bring them to school and collect them at the times dictated by us.

One small stud earring is permitted per ear and no other piercings anywhere else on the body are allowed. This is to avoid painful injuries during PE and at other times of the day. Only natural hair colours are allowed and we ask that unusual hairstyles are avoided.

Should fashion items and clothing with logos or embellishments continue to be worn, we will have no choice but to introduce embroidered skirts and trousers. This would be an additional cost to parents/carers. It is crucial that parents/carers support us with following our uniform policy and we thank you in advance for doing so.