Wearing a uniform is a badge of pride. In school, all students are treated the same and wearing a uniform that makes them equal gives them
a sense of identity and belonging. Following a review of our school uniform, we have made some changes that we hope you will be pleased
with. We know that school uniform can be expensive for parents so we have reviewed our suppliers and negotiated prices. With immediate
effect, you can purchase uniform that must have the school embroidered logo on from our chosen suppliers: Emblematic ( and (

Based on feedback from parents and an overwhelming consensus from students when asked what they would like to wear, students in Years 5
& 6 will also have a blazer from September 2018. Therefore the uniform for Year 5 through to Year 11 is:



Black blazer

Must have the school logo embroidered

Grey V-neck sweater

Must have the school logo embroidered
White shirt

Plain, long or short sleeved

Black school shorts

Plain, must not have logos or embellishments or be

Black skirt

Knee length, must not have logos or embellishments
Black school trousers

Standard fit. Fashion items, jeans, leggings and jeggings are not acceptable. A proper school trouser should include zips, buttons and pockets but no embellishments.

School tie

Traditional ties will be phased out over the autumn
term. From January2019, all students must have a clip-on tie (except the
2018/19 Year 11).These are only available from Emblematic or directly
from school.

Black school shoes

School Shoe, black and polishable, Suede shoes are not permitted


white polo shirt


Navy blue shorts and

tracksuit bottoms


Navy hoodie

School logo embroidered or plain (not compulsory as
part of the PE kit)

Navy or white socks

Students should bring a suitable bag to carry their PE kit, books, planner and stationary.

Should fashion items and clothing with logos or embellishments continue to be worn, we will have no choice but to introduce embroidered skirts
and trousers. This would be an additional cost to parents/carers. It is crucial that parents/carers support us with following our uniform
policy and we thank you in advance for doing so.



Black blazer (boys and girls fit) £39.95
100% cotton knitted V neck Jumper £19.99
Tie £4.99
Navy hoodie £12.99


Only the products listed below are required to have the school embroidered
logo. Both suppliers stock other items of uniform should parents want to
purchase them from here.


Black blazer (boys and

girls fit)

28, 30”, 32”, 34”, 36”


38, 40”, 42”, 44”, 46”, 48”


100% cotton knitted V

neck Jumper

9/10, 11/12 (XXS), 13yrs (XS)


Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL


Clip on tie £4.99 Only available from emblematic or in-school
Navy hoodie 9/11, 12/13


Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL


These garments can be ordered online through Emblematic’s website

Orders can be delivered to school free of charge or alternatively there is the option of home delivery at a cost of £3 for the first item, plus £1
thereafter or £6 fixed rate through DPD.

JCSC branded items can also be bought from (

Clip on ties

Clip on ties are only available from Emblematic or from the reception desks at either site.

If you have any queries, please email or call 01665 710636.

Dress Code

Students in Years 5-8 are not permitted to wear make-up or nail varnish. They can wear a watch, one ring and one earring in each ear. Extreme hairstyles, including colours and shapes cut into hair, are not permitted. Students are asked to remove earrings for PE. Students in Year 9-13 can wear minimal make-up and nail varnish but extreme hair styles or colours are not permitted. They can wear a watch, a ring and one pair of earrings. Body or facial piercings are not allowed in either school.

Students in all year groups are asked to bring a bag to carry books and equipment. The bag should be large enough to hold books without folding. Students can wear black outdoor coats. These should be left in lockers during the school day