Homework and Revision

JCSC Homework Guidance


To ensure that all students benefit from opportunities to engage in homework tasks which are meaningful, and aid learning in all subject areas.


  • To ensure a consistent approach to homework and engage students inindependent work
  • To increase student’s ability to work independently

Guiding Principles– Homework plays an important role in learning and homework activities should support the learning that children are doing at school. As children get older, it is particularly important for them to become more independent in their learning. Homework does not have to be written; a variety of tasks, encouraging a range of skills, will help children to engage with homework and not see it as a chore.

Homework Expectations:

All students will be given homework to consolidate and extend learning beyond the classroom. Tasks will take a wide range of different forms as
appropriate to the age and stage of education.

Key Stage 2

Homework will focus on the fundamental skills and core subjects, which students need to develop to support their learning. Students will receive
frequent small amounts of literacy and numeracy homework, which may include reading tasks, spelling etc to encourage regular skills development and practice ahead of SATS. In other subjects, students will receive less frequent work to consolidate their learning in these subjects.

Key Stage 3, 4 and 5

In all subjects, homework will be a regular feature of study towards final assessment and examination. All subjects will set homework on a regular
basis to consolidate subject knowledge, practice skills and carry out independent research. Tasks will be appropriate to the specifications of
subject content for each subject.

Homework Feedback

Once completed and submitted, students will receive feedback about their work.

Directorate guidance

Directors will interpret the homework policy to plan homework as they see fit depending on the age and stage of education. Homework can be given to
students in a number of different ways which reflect the demands of the subject and the context of the work that is being done in that subject.
Guidance will be provided for all staff in directorates so that they are clear about the expectations in their directorate.

Role Responsibility
ELT Develop and monitor the Homework policy
Directors Implement and monitor the and Homework policy at subject
level to ensure consistency and adherence to the whole
school policy whilst being fit for purpose at subject level

Provide support and accountability to ensure that the
policy is consistently applied

Subject Teachers Implement and monitor the homework policy in all classes

Provide feedback on homework and apply rewards and
sanctions as appropriate

Intervene with students who do not engage with homework,
liaise with Directors, Form Tutors, Heads of pastoral and
home as required

Pupils Complete homework to the best of their ability and hand in
to meet deadlines

Record homework deadlines in their student planner

Ensure that completed work is presented in the format

Receive rewards – achievement points, emails, postcards etc
for their hard work and completion of tasks.

Comply with sanctions given for non-completion of homework

Parents Check planners for homework tasks

Encourage compliance with deadlines

Useful Links for Revision

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