Extra Curricular Activities

We encourage our students to become involved in as many extra-curricular activities as possible, both in school and in the wider community. Our extra curricular activities evolve dependent on demand and interest from students. In addition to our extra-curricular clubs listed below, we also provide wraparound care in the form of Breakfast Club and After School Club at our South Avenue site.

Duke of Edinburgh

JCSC is proud to be able to offer the Duke of Edinburgh Award programme and prides itself on being one of the cheapest centres in the region. At JCSC, the Duke of Edinburgh Award (D of E) is run by Mr Gwillim and Mr Armstrong with support from many other members of school staff.

What is the D of E?

The D of E award scheme is open to anyone aged between 14 and 24, and consists of three levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each award is achieved by completing a personal programme of activities within four different sections – ‘Volunteering’, ‘Physical’, ‘Skills’ and ‘Expedition’. The Gold award also includes a ‘Residential’ element.

The award can be personalised to include a wide variety of activities and projects. Most people will find themselves helping people or communities, developing new skills, and improving their fitness as part of the D of E award. Students can gain credit for activities they are probably already doing.

Why do the D of E?

The experience is a real adventure full of different aspects that are both challenging and fun. As well as discovering new skills, talents and making new friends, the experience also builds confidence and helps to prepare young people for university or working life.

The D of E award will arm you with skills such as self-management, problem solving, team working and communication; all of which are highly desirable skills that employers look for in candidates. Achieving the D of E award, particularly at Gold level, is also of great benefit to anyone going through the UCAS process and applying for universities. The achievement is recognised worldwide and well respected by employers and universities alike.

How do I sign up for the D of E Award?

The award is available to all and JCSC is committed to supporting any young person in achieving their award. Students will be presented with an opportunity to sign up for the award during the first half term of the academic year.

Currently, the awards are offered to the following year groups:

* Bronze Award – Year 9

* Silver Award – Year 10

* Gold Award – Year 12

Students are required to attend training sessions for their expedition section. These sessions will train the students in first aid, navigation and camp craft. All training sessions run after school from 3:30pm – 4:30pm [5:30pm for the Gold Award] starting in the Spring term.

Extra Curricular Clubs