EHT News – Christmas 2019

Dec 20

Dear all

Another year ends at JCSC, and I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for your unwavering support. It’s been a really productive and successful year, and we have so much to look back on, to be proud of and to celebrate.

We are a team at JCSC, staff and students alike and, as is often the case at this time of year, we have to wish a fond farewell to some colleagues who are leaving us.

Mrs Smith joined our engineering department earlier this year, and is leaving us to take up a post in a different school; one she has worked in before, and is much closer to home.

Mrs Kidd has been a valued member of our support staff for over 20 years, and she is, I am sure, very much looking forward to her retirement.

They both leave with our thanks and best wishes for the future.

Earlier today, Mr McCudden, one of our Assistant Headteachers, sent a letter home to parents and carers outlining some changes to our behaviour system. We’re streamlining and making very clear the steps on both the behaviour ladder and the achievement lighthouse. Students will get a very detailed first hand explanation of our expectations of them during the first day of the spring term, which is Tuesday 7th January 2020. We appreciate your support in helping us implement both systems consistently and for ensuring your children comply with our uniform policy and arrive on time, every day, fully equipped to learn.

We’ve had mock examinations for year 6, 11 and 13 over the past three weeks or so and the students have conducted themselves in an exemplary fashion. The results from these key assessments will give students and their teachers clear targets for moving forwards and securing the very best KS2 SATs, GCSE or A-level results possible in the summer term.

Of course, there’s only so much we can do – the teachers are just one part of the equation and we rely absolutely on parental support and, most importantly, the students themselves to work harder than they have ever done before, so that they maximise their future chances.

In the New Year we’ll be looking at strategies to work with our students in these key examination years to give them the help and support they need. Please help us to help them by supporting any extra-curricular classes, revision sessions and homeworks. It’s their one chance and we want to make sure they nail it.

This week the children from the lower school site held their Christmas Carol Services at St Cuthbert’s Church in Amble this year – year 5 students performed on Tuesday morning, with year 6 taking their turn on Thursday. Both year groups did themselves and the school proud, as they filled the church with confident singing, much to the delight of the gathered parents, carers and our dear friend and governor, Reverend John McDermott.

Christmas jumper day today has been very well supported, even by Mr Nisbet who has been sporting a rather fetching blue jumper featuring pink flamingos. Nice.

The Carol Services and Christmas jumpers around the building are a clear sign that the festive season has truly begun, so can I take this opportunity to wish you a restful, enjoyable Christmas break and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. See you in 2020!

Best wishes,

Neil Rodgers

Executive Headteacher