EHT News 5th March 2018

Mar 5

Dear parents and carers,

Usually when there is a weather warning issued, it applies to all other regions of the UK. Sometimes, the north-east of England is mentioned as a potential danger area, but that often means everywhere except the coast. As coastal dwellers, we’re used to summers being a few degrees cooler and winters being a few degrees warmer, which means we don’t see snow like last week very often…

But the ‘Beast from the East’ certainly lived up to its reputation, and we had no alternative but to close all sites for 3 days. That has never happened in the 24 years I’ve been teaching. Sometimes, we’ve had to close for 1 day because a boiler isn’t working properly, or for ½ a day to allow staff and students to get home safely. But never 3 whole days!!

When it became clear that the closure was for more than 1 day, our staff began putting together meaningful pieces of work to ensure that all students had something to do in between getting outside and enjoying the snow. In this short half term, 3 days equates to more than 10% of teaching time lost. It’s a crucial time of year, and for 3 of our year groups in particular but, if your child didn’t see the work, or get to complete it all, don’t worry as our teachers will adapt their lessons accordingly.

We hope that you received our text messages and/or our emails we sent to keep you informed. If you didn’t, can you please ensure your details are up to date by emailing us at or, alternatively, call us and we can send you a data sheet for you to complete and return. If emailing, can you please include your name, and the names of your child(ren) so we can match you up correctly. We also posted a lot of information on Facebook, which is automatically replicated on the ‘Latest News’ section of our website for those who don’t use social media.

A current, correct email address is becoming ever more essential as we are moving to a paperless system from Easter onwards, with all correspondence being sent electronically unless paper copies are specifically requested. Please ensure you provide us with a current email address. Additionally, you can download the SchoolComms app for correspondence and to keep in touch with the latest information regarding your child. Let us know if you need help downloading or setting up – we’d be glad to help.

Alongside our enforced hiatus last week, we passed the half way mark for this academic year already! For our Year 6, Year 11 and Year 13 students there are only weeks to go before the KS2, GCSE and A-level examination season begins…

Last Monday morning, Mr Nisbet and I spoke to all of the children on the upper school site, reminding them of our expectations. 99% of our students follow our guidelines all of the time, and are a credit to our school, their families and the community. A small handful need to be reminded of what JCSC expects:

You will arrive punctually to school, properly equipped and in fully compliant uniform and shoes.
You will arrive at lessons on time and ready to learn.
You will conduct yourself sensibly and be respectful to fellow students and staff at all times. This includes tutor time, lessons and social times.
You have the opportunity to visit the toilets before school and at break and lunchtime – you should not need to go between lessons.
We have operated our behaviour policy for some time now, which is a staged response from C1 [a verbal warning] to C4 [removal from the classroom].

Students, therefore, have to choose to do the wrong thing 4 times before being removed. This level of defiance instantly results in a detention the following day. Although not a legal requirement, we do give 24 hours notice for detentions because this may result in alternative travel arrangements having to be made. It is the students’ responsibility to inform you of their detention – you can keep up to date with this by regularly checking their planners and ensuring they are signed.

We will not issue students with a free bus pass if they are leaving school late due to detentions

If students are attending after school clubs, revision sessions, Duke of Edinburgh award activities etc. I am delighted to pay for their bus journey home, to recognise their dedication to extra-curricular activities. However, if a student has disrupted the learning of others to such a degree that removal from their classroom is the only option, then school funds won’t be used to pay for their poor choices.

Hopefully the above information is clear, and I know that you will continue to support us in ensuring that JCSC is a calm, friendly and welcoming place to learn.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

A date for your diary this week is Y10 parents’ evening this Thursday, March 8th between 4.00pm and 7.00pm – students will have appointment sheets to arrange times with their subject teachers. Please attend if you possibly can to discuss your child’s progress and ways in which they can ensure they maximise their exam results next year,

Thank you for your continued support, and fingers crossed for some warmer, drier weather soon!

Best wishes,

Neil Rodgers

Executive Headteacher