Our Vision & Values

Navigate Illuminate Shelter – We are JCSC

How we Navigate

We trust and empower our staff to make the right decisions. We all know what we are accountable for and we stick to the rules. We don’t seek to blame, but to learn. We are fair and ethical, gaining the respect of others through acting with integrity. We work at pace, but collaboratively, building effective relationships. We promote simplicity, innovation and learning to get the best results.

How we Illuminate

We exceed people’s expectations with our can-do attitude. We encourage and listen to others’ views, needs and suggestions. We are imaginative about better ways of delivering services and work together to achieve the best results. We exhibit and encourage a sense of pride in the achievement of our personal, team and organisational goals.

How we Shelter

We provide clarity of expectation of behaviours and how these behaviours create a positive, open and honest environment. We support the diversity of teams and trust others to fulfil their responsibilities. We build and maintain relationships with each other, students, parents and the wider community and encourage others to do the same.

British and School Values

James Calvert Spence College is committed to serving its community. We recognise the multicultural, multi-faith and ever-changing nature of the United Kingdom. You can read about his in our British Values Statement.